Where does technology take us?

By Nanna Lund Lauridsen

We are writing the 16th of January, 2018 and technology is taking us to both positive and negative places. We live in a world of FoMO (Fear of Missing Out) where the youth put their snapchat in daycare with their friends in order to maintain streaks if they don’t have time to take care of it themselves. We live in a world where more than a thousand young people have been arrested for sharing a sex video, and even though one might have shared it out of disgust and contempt, it is still sharing, and one needs to be carefull about what is shared on the internet. Once it’s there, it will never disappear. But we also live in a world where the term JoMO (Joy of Missing Out) has also come to live – an antidote to FoMo. We enjoy saying no to things and enjoy whatever we might do instead of what we said no to. If we take the leap to leave our phone at home or log out of Facebook for days or weeks, we are not only doing this, but we feel liberated in doing so.

These are drastic happenings and episodes, where one might think of technology as something that doesn’t benefit us if we are either too involved or on the other hand feel the need to log out. But I believe that technology benefits us. I believe that technology is the solution to a lot of the problems in our world. You might even call me a digital optimist. From a business perspective, Christian Schwarz Lausten, Manager at Seismonaut said at an IWDK Advisory Board meeting that in order to practice good business, you need to relate to: 1) digital inclusion, 2) digital responsibility, and 3) digital sustainability. And this is what we are trying to do with the internet festival called IWDK. We want to put people first in the digital age and discuss our digital future. We want to showcase the many opportunities the internet opens up for our citizens and our businesses. But IWDK is also a forum where we can articulate and debate the challenges digital technologies present to our society. Because challenges do exist. How we handle them and solve these challenges are up to us.