9 tips on how to plan a successful event

By Nanna Lund Lauridsen
  1. Plan ahead

Start planning your event as early as possible. Get in touch with potential speakers and start working on an agenda for your event. It’s a good idea to make someone within your company responsible for the event planning and coordinating.


  1. Choose an interest area and target group

We have five interest areas: Business, Citizenship, Creative, Marketing and Technology. Build your event around one specific target group; the interest areas are meant as inspiration and work as filters for attendees when selecting events from the programme. If you need some input and inspiration, check out last year’s events here.


  1. “Would I participate in this event?”

Hosting an event is an excellent opportunity to create awareness and brand your organisation. However, bear in mind that your participants are expecting insights – not branding. Make sure to focus on sharing your knowledge and experiences with the participants. Share your cases, methods or processes, or invite some of your clients or business partners to share their previous challenges, and how these were solved.


  1. Collaborate

You don’t have to organise an event on your own! IWDK offers opportunities for collaboration with your clients, business partners or other relevant parties that could host the event with you. Use your network and get in touch with interesting collaborators and start planning together.


  1. Ask us!

We mean it! At IWDK we have experience with organising events around our five interest areas. Get in touch with us for guidance and a discussion about your ideas – we are happy to help.


  1. Create awareness about your event

Create as much awareness as possible to attract interested and engaged participants. Use your channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, website, etc.) – but don’t forget alternative channels (partner’s channels, member magazine, newsletters, etc.).


  1. Be a good host

Provide the participants with relevant information about the event at the right time. Provide free Wi-Fi and inform them about this. Put your bright smile on and enjoy hosting a successful event, where you are in the spotlight – sharing your knowledge and experiences.


  1. Plan in details – through all phases of the event

Hosting an event is not only about planning and communicating before the event. Make sure to plan the event in great detail, so everyone involved is familiar with their tasks ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Prepare a plan B, in case you meet obstacles during the event. Remember that evaluation is also an essential part of an event – make sure to learn from the experience and get insights for future use.


  1. Location, location, location

Choose a great location for your event. We encourage you to invite participants into your building(s). This way, participants will experience your facilities and get a sense of your working environment, culture and atmosphere.

IWDK has Dokk1 and the City Hall in Aarhus as main venues. We have limited space, but feel free to ask us for available rooms.