Industry 4.0: A radical change of the market

By Camilla Swartz

Industry 4.0 is the most radical change of the market that we have seen in a very long time. The goal is bigger and better integration between the new digital world and the physical production. It’s important that Danish companies look ahead and prepare for the competition and opportunities that the digital transformation offers.

Business Region Aarhus and Internet Week Denmark are hosting three free seminars for everyone interested in industry 4.0 and how it changes the game for companies in all industries.


Change from being a cathedral to a bazar

© Christian Battaglia

Christian Lausten, co-founder and partner in the digital consultancy Seismonaut, will at all three seminars give a keynote that focuses on the organizational changes the digital transformation and the fourth industrial revolution requires. Disruption has become a buzzword and common language in both the press and business sector, but it still remains the few that really have embraced a digital transformation and determinedly worked with gearing the organization’s culture, internal processes and business model for a world that is evermore digital.

The aim of the keynote is to give an overview of the changes that calls for a digital transformation in all types of organizations as well as inspiration for how “the digital organization” looks like.


Meet the local heroes

At each seminar you will also meet a local hero. Someone who is already doing it, who will share their up’s and down’s and hard-earned experiences. Amongst others, you can meet Head of Business, Linda Englyst, from Vestas, Director of Logistics, Ole Thomsen, from Reitan Distribution and Arkikon who specializes in technical construction. We will make time for questions and network, so be sure to be there to learn more about how you can tap into industry 4.0’s big potential.

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Thursday April 5 from 16-19 at Grenaa Varmeværk and Arkikon.

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Monday April 9 from 16-18 at Den jydske Haandværkerskole.

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Tuesday April 10 from 16-18 at FÆNGSLET.

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The three seminars are also an invitation to participate in Internet Week Denmark May 2-6, 2018 – an annual festival where we focus on the digital transformation of business and society. You can browse all our 100+ events here.