IWDK Programme Launch

By Nanna Lund Lauridsen

IWDK (Internet Week Denmark) is a festival with many events, which calls for a very extensive programme! Every year, we take all of the awesome events and put them in a printed programme for you to take in your pocket while going from event to event at the festival. To celebrate the programmes coming from print, we welcome people to get a pre-taste of what the programme for IWDK holds – because it holds a lot of awesome events that calls for debates and knowledge-sharing.

See the PDF-version of the IWDK programme

On April 12, we held this year’s Programme Launch at Envision’s offices at Christiansgade 30 in Aarhus. Here people joined in for an afternoon of presentations by Niels Højberg from the Municipality of Aarhus, Jane Baad Jensen from Business Region Aarhus, Linda Pedersen from Growing Investors, Bo Sejer Frandsen from it-forum, Louise Overgaard from Coding Pirates, Lise Lystlund from Sekoia, and Anja Tønning from CampFire.