Digital competence – what does it mean exactly?

By Christina Søgaard Jensen

Digital competences for all are crucial to the future of Denmark (and to the rest of the world). This is established in various industry and societal reports, most recently in connection to the Technology Pact announced by the Danish Government.

But whereas much debate has focused on our general abilities to cope with social media and digital dynamics, less focus has been on explicating the more tool-oriented varieties of digital competence. Are we all going to code? Should we all be familiar with automated IT-systems? Or will data-driven decision making become a basic competence in our society and businesses?

In the lack of generally accepted definitions of digital competence, educational programs are forced to come up with their own when striving to match their graduates with the characteristics of a future work force.
This is also the case for Business Academy Aarhus, who in the research project Data Competent Students has defined the ability to handle and understand data as a must have for future graduates, no matter their profession.
On Internet Week Denmark you can get a taste of what a basic data competence looks like. In the event “Datatoget kører – kom med!” (held in Danish) you are invited to get your first experience with handling and analyzing a data set.