Thomas Wittenburg’s IWDK Recommendations

By Thomas Wittenburg

I am often described as a Jack of all trades, dividing his professional life between merchandising company Merch City, copy writing in the tech industry, project and concept development in all manner of businesses, and as an instructor in the Royal Danish Air Force, it’s easy to see how his band Five Dollar Justice doesn’t really get the attention it deserves.

Also – an internet week DK veteran, having actively organized and participated in events every year since the beginning.

Here are my IWDK recommendations

Kanda talks about using VR in E-Learning

I’ve been working with ARand VR for years before it really began showing its potential. The blend of digital and real world provided by modern Virtual and Augmented Reality is amazing, and I’m curious about the learning potential of these technologiet. Kanda is one of the most interesting and experienced Danish companies in this field, and their points of view deserve as much attention as their impressive VR portfolio.

The Future of Mobile

If I was in the market for a mobile based piece of software, I’d turn to a couple of companies om my radar in that field. Nodes are pretty high on that list. Their elegant user interfaces are top tier, and they’ve set an interesting team for this event, combining their own knowledge with representatives of two very different large companies, YouSee and MobilePay. Check out this event, if you are about to make serious changes or upgrades to your website within the next couple of years.

Tiny Talks Torsdagsbar

Obviously, being the organizer of Tiny Talks, I’d wager that it’s going to be both highly entertaining and probably eye-opening for most people. The speakers are great and really passionate about their subjects, and though all five talks have some tie-in to “The Internet”, we will get perspectives on UI/UX, employee advocacy, internatinal social constructions and faux pas’, investment psychology, and I’ll be talking about what, if anything, you might learn from the music industry, The events will be filled with great inspiration, interesting people, snacks, bubbles, and beer.