Anja Tønning’s IWDK Recommendations

By Anja Tønning

I care about people, not technology. But I care if technology can help people do a better job, be better friends, parents, citizens – you name it. I work with social media and the digital possibilities concerning communication and business. At home, I have four boys who I’m fighting about the iPad, Playstation, or TV with.

My IWDK Recommendations

Elsk dit kommentarspor

I really just agree on the title of this event! Social media are social – talk to your followers, listen to them. The event Elsk dit kommentarspor highlights how important it is for companies to actually listen to its customers and followers instead of heedlessly distributing content on Facebook. That time should be over by now.


Forældre IT-konference: digital mobning, hævnporno, SoMe-stjerne – vil du forstå dit barns digitale verden?

This event is so relevant for me as a parent, actually it should be obligatory to all parents. My own motto is to not be afraid of what the digital world does to our kids, but to be a good role model and try to understand and be curious of what the kids experience and do instead of being against it.

Lav Sol

The theater performance Lav Sol by Aarhus Teater gives an artistic take on the topics that IWDK encounters. I really love theater. It can provide a perspective on our real lives by being extreme and not following any rules of science or such.