Lise Lystlund’s IWDK Recommendations

By Lise Lystlund

As one of the rare women in tech, I have a great passion for bringing more diversity into the tech community. Through Co-Coders, a new coding community initiated by Ida Christine Andersen and myself, I want to break down prejudices and create an inclusive community for inexperienced as well as professional coders.

On this basis, I would like to recommend the following IWDK events:

HTML and CSS – create your own website

To be able to navigate in the world of tech, it is important to know the basics of one of the many coding languages. HTML and CSS is the foundation for web development and is relevant for everybody working with web applications and websites.

#Makewhatsnext – Girlz in tech

A recent survey shows that 93% of all developers are men. In a world lacking developers it is irrational not to invite more women and girls to join the community… And psst, rumor has it that women are just as good coders as men 😉

Talk and Workshop: Future // Imperfect

We are on the verge of an artificial intelligence revolution. Before it happens it is important to focus on the challenges and opportunities, so everybody, expert or not, has a say in which fields we would like to utilize AI and how we will manage to stay in control.