Stine Larsen’s IWDK Recommendations

By Stine Larsen

As a digital advisor at Seismonaut and as a digital communication enthusiast with an educational background in design thinking, I am looking forward to a week of trendspotting, knowledge sharing …and football!

I spend most of my time as an advisor at Seismonaut with digital media and communication. For me, digital media is in an everlasting state of evolution and it is fascinating to see the countless opportunities digital media provides and not least the myriad of ways it changes society and people.

I have given my recommendations to events you should go to during the IWDK festival.

Fremtidens video og tv-tendenser

Video is (still) the new black on social media. YouTube is still one og the most popular websites in the world. Streaming and flow tv, well… It wouldn’t quite be the same without it! The Headstart Network seminars are always worth a visit, if you’re into digital communication. This seminar will update you on the development in visual media and help you to create engaging content.

(A)sociale medier gør os dumme og afhængige

I recently celebrated my 10 years anniversary with Facebook. In the past 10 years, there’s been cheating (remember Ello?), mistrust (fake news, ahem) and lots of changes along the years (I hardly never posts anything anymore and Facebook … well, Facebook has had its fair share of facelifts, add ons and new features). But is it destroying me and my (other) relationships? Can’t wait to hear, what Jakob Linaa Jensen, one of the Denmark’s smartest people on social media, has to say about that.

How big data is changing football

Digital media is not just an add on anymore – digital is everywhere. I can’t wait to spend a whole day geeking out over football and how big data and new technologies changes my favourite sport. Sunday in IWDK is full of cool talks and activities and How Big Data is Changing Football is just one of a bunch of football events, I’ll attend during IWDK 2018.