IDA and Techtopia x IWDK 2018

By Mai Wihlborg

If you have the  same interests as IDA your IWDK week will be very busy! This year IDA has more than 8 events during the week – and everyone is welcome. Check out the events about GDPR, Cybersecurity, VR IoT, Serverless and internet applications.

Furthermore Techtopia has 3 interviews where Henrik Føhns, Podcast editor of Techtopia. First Føhn speaks with tech people from Uber in Aarhus. Next is IoT on the agenda and finally an interview with Lars Bak who left Google last year to start a new business in Aarhus.

Hvor parat er Danmark til GDPR og Cybersikkerhed?
Kan spil vise vejen til fremtidens kunstige intelligens?
Internet of Things (Aarhus) Part II
Techtopia møder Uber Aarhus
Serverless: Fremtidens Internet Applikationer
Kanda talks about using VR in e-learning
Techtopia tager pulsen på Next Generation Internet
Techtopia drikker fredagsøl med Lars Bak  

Check them out!