Hannu Vangsgaard’s IWDK Recommendations

By Hannu Vangsgaard

I am an independent consultant who works with digital transformation. I have worked within digitalization for more than 20 years and I have been head of e-commerce and digital in Dansk Supermarked, Denmarks largest retailer. Now, I help Danish and foreign companies based on these experiences and competences in a role best described as digital coach. You can read more about me here.

Mandag Morgens Samtalesalon

I think this event highlights some exciting and relevant themes and trends. As technology and digital fills more and more in our everyday lives, there are obviously tons of questions about security, privacy and rights to the many data we leave. We need to relate to that.

Digital Hub Denmark

On paper, Digital Hub Denmark sounds like a fantastic initiative. But to be honest, I have evolved a sceptic attitude towards such initiatives. It is usually hot air and PowerPoint. But when the country’s Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs wants to start his minister car and drive all the way to Aarhus to tell about Digital Hub Denmark, I cannot not meet up and listen.

E-handel anno 2018: I wish I could compete with China

I don’t think many people understand how big the threats from large foreign e-commerce companies are. Most Danish retailers and brands should be sleepless at the thought of the extreme force and speed companies like Wish, Alibaba, Zalando, Amazon etc. operate with. But they don’t. Because of this I think it is even more important to attend this event and increase your knowledge on the subject.