Jonas Vognsen’s IWDK Recommendations

By Jonas Vognsen

My name is Jonas Vognsen and I am co-founder of IT Minds, Angel Investor in tech startups and board member.

IWDK is a great festival that creates room for inspiration, dialogue, frustration and fellowship. The festival is about how technology shape our everyday lives and what opportunities and dilemmas lies both from a business and bourgeois perspective when living in a digital age. Therefore, I think the festival is so important for our region. I use it myself to get new knowledge, be inspired and meet my colleague industry.

So there are many events I would like to participate in. But a few of those I find the most interesting is Digital Hub Denmark, Digital Investments from Denmark, and How to Use Holdsport.

Digital Hub Denmark

Denmark must reap the full rewards of the digital transformation. Companies ought to have the best possibilities for utilizing new technologies, and all Danes must have the competencies to successfully commit themselves to the digital future. One of the initiatives  to do this is Digital Hub Denmark where the country’s Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs drives all the way to Aarhus to tell about this. And then I heard that there’ll be beers!

Digital Investments from Denmark

Danish digital companies are something extraordinary, which Asian companies and investors have become aware of. During the last couple of years, Danish GameAnalytics was purchased by Chinese MobVista, Designit was purchased by Indian Wipro and Nodes was purchased by Japanese Monstar Labs. At this event on May 4, Invest in Denmark and the Danish technology company UNSILO will focus on this, which I am very excited to hear.

How to Use

As an entrepreneur myself, I find it interesting when other entrepreneurs share their story, difficulties and successes. Founder og, Frank Bjergø, has invented a popular system for team sports. He will introduce the system and tell us the story of how he turned an idea from the changing room into a fast-growing success.