Meet our new Head of Internet Week Denmark: The ambitious and playful pirate queen Louise Overgaard

By Anna Krogh Søndergaard

Louise has a burning desire for the integration between technology and real world issues. As the new Head of IWDK, she wants the festival to create a bigger impact on businesses’ and citizens’ knowledge and proactive use of digitalization. 

Chairing the organisation Coding Pirates gives her a strong focus on developing IT-creative skills amongst our children. As the deputy chair of the festival Counterplay she loves to play and believes it’s a powerful force with a multitude of purposes. Louise holds a master in Science of Religion, Psychology and Organisational Anthropology and is a certified innovation leader from Danish Technological Institute. Before IWDK Louise worked with international innovation and Smart City implementation as International Innovation lead within the city of Aarhus.   


4 quick questions for Louise:


What was your first experience with the internet?

“Back in 2000 I studied on an international language school in Germany. I met so many inspiring people from all over world that I wanted to stay in touch with. So I got my first email address. I loved my first digital letters back then and I still have contact with some of the people I met.” 


What’s the biggest technological challenge we have today?

“I fear that we are creating an A Team and a B Team. Everybody needs at least a basic knowledge about technology and that calls for a democratization of the technological development – or as a minimum a strong focus on debating potentials and challenges.”


Why have you signed up for the job as Head of IWDK?

“IWDK is an exciting festival with a huge potential. I wish to make the festival even more international and appealing – both to professionals and to you and me, our kids and our parents. Technology affects all of us, and I think it’s important to have dialogues about digitalization on different levels. Both on abstract, ethical levels and personal levels – what does technology mean to businesses, what does it mean on a global scale, whats does it mean to me? IWDK has to embrace all the different perspectives.”


How do you see IWDK’s role in society?

“If Denmark wants to keep its position as one of the most digitalized countries in world, we both need highly skilled IT-professionals, high skilled professionals and an allround understanding of technological issues. And IWDK is the perfect platform. The festival is both a space for business development and for citizens. The focus on people in the digital age is extremely important. It investigates how we can take advantage of the huge potential of technology and also how we can be in front of the challenges that the development also brings along.” 

You can reach Louise at with any questions or ideas you might have or simply invite her by for a cup of coffee.