We reveal: The theme for IWDK2019

By Christian Schwarz Lausten
Digital Change is everywhere these years. It is not only a new technological infrastructure, but also a new mindset for all of us and a change force shaping society, democracy, organizations, business and our everyday life as we know it.
The digital possibilities are mindblowing, endless and come with a magnitude never seen before enhancing, improving, fixing and upgrading our lives in a myriad of ways.
But the changes are also fundamental. And as we have come to learn they do not come without cost. Privacy, skewed work/life balance, screen addiction, fake news, fear of robots taking our jobs, disrupted companies are all issues at stake. Will digitalization be the greatest thing known to mankind or the greatest mistake we ever made?
We are at a cross point where we have to decide what we want from the digital development and where we decide to opt out. Change Digital.