By Nikola Jachanová

We know – you have deadlines, a full inbox, and what not. But taking a few days off to go to IWDK might just be what you and your workplace need to succeed in a digital future. Here are nine reasons that will convince you (and your boss) that going to IWDK is worth your time!

1. Learn about the digital future

We can’t guarantee you will get smarter, but we can assure you, you will definitely feel like it. Workshops, talks, presentations and debates will help you gain insights on the digital future. Check out the festival programme, which is beaming with interesting and important topics such as

2. Grow your network

IWDK is a great platform to meet like-minded people! No matter what your job title or age is, no matter if you’re from a multinational corporation or a local start up, all the participants have one thing in common – curiosity and interest in the digital world. That could help you make new connections or strengthen the old ones, and both are very important.

Go eat lunch at our main lunch venue, Aarhus Street Food, and meet us for drinks at DesignIt for our Friday Bar, and hang out at Dokk1 when you need to work in between events.

3. Meet speakers who are digital front runners

We have an amazing line up of speakers this year! To name a few, we are expecting Andrew Keen, Polly Mackenzie and Christian Lanng. Learn about new technologies, listen to different perspectives, share yours and re-charge your batteries in a productive way. Check out all the amazing speakers here.

4. Breathe in the festival atmosphere

The main venues of IWDK are all located in the city center of Aarhus and within walking distance of the charming Latin Quarter, the new and cool harbour, and the vibrant Aarhus Street Food, our main lunch venue – all to create just the right festival atmosphere!

5. Most of the events are free!

Well, this is self-explanatory. However, some of the events have a limited number of seats, so make sure to sign up for the ones you are interested in!

6. Become a part of something big

We might be repeating ourselves, but IWDK is Denmark’s leading digital festival, making it THE place to be for everyone who means something in their field. You don’t usually see such a high concentration of talented and inspirational people in one place, so why not seize the opportunity to meet them from May 7 – 12?

7. IWDK in numbers

Did you know that last year, 16 310 cups of coffee were drunk during the festival? Or that the gender mix was almost balanced with 43% of women and 57% of men? Also, last year we had an incredible 225 speakers sharing their thoughts and ideas for 6 824 participants at 32 different locations. Will we get to 20 000 cups of coffee this year?

8. Get the most out of IWDK

Besides the already mentioned benefits, there is something extra for the companies. IWDK can help you attract new digital talents, stir up debates about specific topics or grow your network. All you have to do is create an event and share your business insight, your story or the challenges you might have experienced on your digital journey.

9. Have fun

The last and very important point is – enjoy it! Take your friends, your loved ones, colleagues from work or your boss and join the festival. Something we can definitely guarantee is that it will be time well spent.