Why become a IWDK partner?

By Malene Vedersø

Have you considered becoming partner of IWDK 2020 but haven’t taken the final step? This article will try to give you an insight into what our former partners have gained from being partner at IWDK.

3 main reasons for becoming a IWDK partner:

  • Company / brand profiling
    Many of the 2019 IWDK partners state that one of the main reasons for becoming a partner is the fact that it is a great opportunity for profiling and branding themselves.‘’(…) IWDK is a relevant and ambitious platform for us, where we are guaranteed to meet both professionals, children and youths with an interest in technology. As a platform, IWDK also offers massive exposure, eg. in online and print media, which we were pleasantly surprised be the value of’’. (Christian Clemmesen Møller, CEO & founder, APEX Drone Racing).
  • Network
    As a partner you have the opportunity to strengthen and expand your network. ‘’(…)It’s a platform where companies meet the new digital talents, and where business professionals network with each other, witch is such a crucial element if we want to encourage more economic growth.’’ (Camilla Rygaard-Hjalsted, CEO, Digital Hub Denmark)IWDK embraces a wide audience and is a platform where business and educational institutions can meet and engage with each other. As a partner at IWDK, you have the opportunity to get closer to customers, potential employees as well as other relevant stakeholders. In our 2019 evaluation, several partners mentioned that they have achieved new collaborations as a direct result of their participation in IWDK.
  • Help set the digital agenda
    There is a broad consensus among the surveyed partners that IWDK contributes to raising awareness about digitalization in society and that the festival contributes to knowledge and development in digitalization, both within and outside the IT industry. As a partner, you will help spur discussions, collaborations and growth that may even continue beyond the festival and boost digital development in business.A partner from IWDK 2019 states: “[It is] important to raise awareness about tech and the digital area, both for businesses and the public in general; thus marketing the digital area is clearly the driving force.” (Rambøll evaluation 2019)

We have three different partnership models – Premium partner, Festival partner and Content & Event partner. However, each cooperation agreement is drawn up individually and can be a combination of barter deals and finances. You can find a description of each partner model under Become a partner.

If you have any questions about a partnership, you are more than welcome to contact head of IWDK, Louise Overgaard, at louise@internetweekdenmark.com.